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Design Nest Studio is a shop too! Come in and explore our delightful pre-loved antiques and furniture. Our small and intimate marketplace is a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability. An environmentally friendly approach to home decor starts with choosing timeless over trends, buying wisely, and upcycling when possible. Every piece here was personally selected by us with you in mind, to infuse your home with personality and to bring lasting joy. Whether you're shopping for yourself, for a dear friend, or for the most sophisticated tastemaker, you'll find something here that you won't find anywhere else. We also carry greeting cards, global textiles, and offer studio services such as lamp rewiring.

Design Nest Studio physical location

ready to zhuzh?contact us.

324 96th Street

Stone Harbor, New Jersey

08247 USA

Our office, art studio, and shop are located in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Please fill out this form to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are open Tuesday-Sunday 10:30-5:00.


We're one step closer to achieving your dreamy design goals!

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