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Deanna and Julie

about Julie & Deanna, your design therapists.

Design Nest was born in 2019, when cousins Deanna and Julie teamed up to bring an 1850s country cottage to its full potential. The result was a delightful and Instagrammable airbnb,and a referral business, built on happy client after happy client. Making spaces the best version of themselves, and making clients happy is what Design Nest is all about.

In 2023, Design Nest Studio created two retail spaces for their vintage, antique, and rare finds: one in Stone Harbor, and one in Philadelphia.

Deanna and Julie are gifted at interpreting style through texture and color, creating layered looks that are bohemian yet modern at the same time. And while they have their signature design identities, their goal is to help you define your own. 

about deanna

Deanna Ebner has spent thirty years in the restaurant industry, both as a restauranteur, and as a restaurant designer. Now with Design Nest, she's putting her passion in design first.

Born in California in the 70's, Deanna always feels the influence of those hip yet laid-back trends. She loves rattan, and bringing nature indoors, but most of all, she loves incorporating retro vibes into the now. As a beach-dweller, environmentalism and sustainable living are paramount to Deanna.

"I believe you should feel cozy at home, no matter what your style is. If you feel cozy in the environment I help you create, I feel like my job is done," says Deanna.

about julie

Julie splits her time between Philadelphia and Cape May County. Living in historic Philadelphia has given her a love of older buildings and restored interiors. "I have walked the streets of Philadelphia for years and always, something new, some piece of history, catches my eye and I am moved."

Julie loves mixing old and new, purpose and heritage, artisanal and cultural influences. 

In addition to founding Philadelphia's first organic hair salon, juju salon & organics, Julie is the creator of Red Letter Day, an organic hair and body product line. Sustainability, design and commitment to her clients are her driving forces.

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